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Super!family Playground

Since I'm spamming in about half a dozen entries right now about Steve and Tony (aka superhusbands) raising teen!Spiderman I thought we totally need our own playground!

What the hell is that about, you ask? Weeeeelll... I know Spiderman didn't appear in the Avengers-movie, but in the comic-canon he's a.) a valuable part of the Avengers and b.) being one of the youngest members he's kind of the surrogate little brother to everyone. Especially Tony and Steve who act like his dads a lot of the time (Peter even calls Tony "Daaad" once or twice.) And if Civil War is the epic break-up-story for Steve/Tony, then Peter is totally a child of divorce.

Please feel free to spam anything related to Steve/Tony raising Peter Parker aka Super!family. Share gif sets, theories, links, plot bunnies, prompts, pics to to compare RDJ's bambi eyes to Andrew Garfield's bambi eyes (it's uncanny, I swear), Peter science-fangirling Bruce Banner, Pepper "I'm not your babysitter" Potts, Peter = ultimate child of divorce during "Civil War" and... whatever, really. Movie-verse, comic-verse - I take everything. ;)
And if you help me plot my bigbang, I love you even more. Just saying. >P

Not mine. Found it HERE.

PS: @nessaniel : And please, please repost your comment-fics! <3 I ♥ them so much!

2 Fic-recs: "Two Sides of the Coin" and "But the Heart"
Fanfic-rec: "Of Love, Superpowers, & Domesticity"
Fanfic-rec: "You feel like home" + a wonderful graphic"
Fanfic-rec: "Chaperones"
Fanfic-rec: " The one where doctor Bruce Banner is sure of three things and he makes a damn fine uncle if I may say so"
Fanfic-rec: "Steve and Tony give Peter THE Talk"
Fanfic-rec: "Light brought in buckets"
Fanfic-rec: "Jarvis said I could...!"
Fanfic-rec: "Enter Wade Wilson"
Fanfic-rec: "It’s Peter’s first day of school. Tony is feeling a bit overprotective and clingy. Steve is taking snapshots."
Fanfic-rec: "Nobody's Butterfly"

Prompts/Thoughts/Other sources:
Peter could totally be Tony's offspring!
Ultimate!Spiderman fanboying Iron Man and Captain America - it borders on unhealthy, but it's cute nevertheless.
Link to a tumblr about Superfamily.
Link to a rec list about Superfamily (including this entry ;D).
More comic canon to go with our superfamily-feelings and a prompt
Have some more comic canon that gets turned into head canon
Have some comic canon that involves CAP CARRYING A BADLY INJURED SPIDEY!!
Have some more comic canon where Peter calls Steve and Tony "mommy and daddy" (no really, he does)"

Link to gif sets!
Link to a gif set featuring family movie night
Link to another gif set featuring Mark
Link to two more gif sets: One featuring Deadpool and one is a TSN-crossover
Link to another gif set: Featuring more embarassing Dads
Link to another gif set: Featuring more embarassing Dads and Natasha!
Link to another gif set: Tony and Steve had a fight
Have some Civil War: Peter = Child of divorce-art that's going to break your heart
OMG so cute XD
Personal head canon in gifs

Comment-fic: Steve and Tony embarassing Peter in public (with tons of love)
Comment-fic: Peter gets grounded (again: with lots of love)
Comment-fic Part I: Peter has a love life (his dads are still embarassing though) Part II (Inspired from this gif set)
Comment-fic: Peter is in trouble...
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