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You can't even beginn to guess how hard I find it to be at work right now ...
I've spent the last few hours crying, trying not to cry, and telling people there's "something in my eye(s)".
I'm not sure how I'm supposed to get any work done, but obviously "I have Teen Wolf" is not going to cut it.

Please don't talk to me about what happened, because I seriously can't.
Maybe in a few days or in a few weeks. Or maybe never.

Anything else is fine though. (Just not ... that.)

How's the weather? What are you doing today?
Did anybody watch the Veronica Mars movie yet? I need to talk about it - even though I'm not finished yet (so no spoilers about the murderer - I'm still not sure who did it).
Did anybody else see the way Scott was holding Stiles hand, because I sure did.
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THE VERONICA MARS MOVIE!!!!! Yup, going to focus on how awesome that is.
OMG yes! It's basically a fanfic come true. All my Veronica / logan feels! <333
I was so delighted with Logan's career and his general maturity. At first I was a little confused at it (I got attached to fandom writing him as a teacher lol) but through out the movie warmed up to it so much. They said he choose it to get more discipline and it showed in his character so much, he wasn't as angry and just GUH SO HAPPY!

AND OMG ALL THE LOGAN/VERONICA!!!! I was so incredibly happy, it was basically a romantic mystery movie and I adored how much we got of them. I missed their chemistry so much, it practically sizzled when they first met up (and when Veronica walked out of her house in her detective gear).

Me, too! It was like a fanfic dream come true. <333
Romantic mystery movie is exactly what it is and I loved it. It was so good seeing everybody again (Weevil!!! <33 Wallace! Mac! Mac's hair! *-* Even Dick. XD Lol. Nope. Well maybe a little.)
I loved the chemistry between Veronica and Logan.
And Kristen Bell looked super pretty - I'm so glad nobody criticised her post-baby weight (because seriously, I'm going to slap a bitch if somebody does òó I feel so protective right now, it's not even funny anymore) and Logan looked good, too - all grown up and somehow still the same. <333
I am gonna see the Veronica Mars movie on Wednesday!

And yep, nope about that other thing that we're not talking about.
Nope. It's not happening. No.

Oh I hope you enjoy it! <33
Kristen Bell looks adorable, btw - it makes me really happy. <33
I FEEL YOU ;_______;
Bin gestern Abend aus dem Urlaub gekommen und als ich mich heute bei tumblr eingeloggt habe sehe ich........ das. Aber wir wollen nicht darüber sprechen. Ich werde mir alle Folgen, die ich verpasst habe, deswegen nicht mehr ansehen.

Oh, Veronica Mars läuft schon?! Ich muss unbedingt ins Kino gehen :)
Ich glaube ich konzentriere mich gerade einfach nur noch auf Skittles und Lydia, weil mich alles andere einfach zu fertig macht ...

Jaaaaa! :-) Ich hab bisher nur die erste Stunde gesehen (danach war ich gestern zu müde), aber es ist wie eine lange romantische Fanfic mit Murder Mystery Plot. *g* Ich finde es nicht so bissig wie die Serie, aber man freut sich echt am Wiedersehen mit alten Freunden und Veronica (und ihr Daaaad) ist wie üblich ganz fabelhaft.

Ohh ja, Wallace! Mac! Logan! Weevil! Ich freue mich schon sehr auf alle, besonders auf Veronica und ihren Dad. Sie haben so eine tolle Beziehung :')

Hab gerade gesehen, dass Captain America ja auch schon nächste Woche läuft. Alarm! Wie soll ich all das Winter Soldier-Drama überstehen?!
Ich freu mich schon so auf alle Steve/Bucky/Natasha-fics die wir danach kriegen werden! ^___^

I'm not sure how I'm supposed to get any work done, but obviously "I have Teen Wolf" is not going to cut it.

Heh. And I feel you, bb! *hugs*

OMG VERONICA MARS MOVIE. I am so delighted with it. I enjoyed the mystery just fine, but obviously it was V/L that was going to make or break this movie for me, and boy did they make it. :D :D :D It makes me incredibly happy that Logan joined the navy and grew up. It hits me right in the feels to see him mature and responsible. JD and KB still have such dynamite chemistry, and I could watch them driving around in a car mooning at each other for, like, hours. I love them so much.
and I could watch them driving around in a car mooning at each other for, like, hours.
Me, too! ♥ ♥ ♥
I seriously have no idea what people thought of the movie who never watched the show and if they thought it was enjoyable? IDK? But I loved the whole V/L thing so much, it made me so happy seeing them together again. <333

Totally random, but I also loved Mac's hair and that Weevil had a daughter (sweetie!)!
I hope you feel better soon. Meanwhile, there is this:
Thank you! :-)
I do feel a little bit better actually...

... also, yeah, nupp. Let's just never ever talk about TW.
Logan and Veronica need to be endgame! <3333

I am looking forward to Malia though ....
I'm with you on that - I was sobbing like a baby yesterday, and I'm still upset :(

The weather is not that nice today, looks like rain actually, but I'm at work dying from hayfever so I don't really care, lol.

And unfortunately I have no opinion about Veronica Mars at all ;)
So upset. Allison was my queen, light of my life, the warior princess. Goddamn. ;__;

Hayfever sucks balls - poor u. óò
We don't have to talk about it, I just want to let you know, I'm here if you need a virtual hug or something :( I know how much you love her, and to be honest, I was in big shock... I didn't except this at all, I thought it'd be my twins. (I really thought, I was completely ready for three days crying) But this... All the tears for her </3 I'm so sorry, darling, it shouldn't have ended like this :( /hugs you/
Thank you so much, that's so sweet, I could totally use a virtual hug. <33
I hope you are okay after last episode ...? ;_;
I'm okay now :* I cried like a little baby, but now I'm okay. I think slowly I can accept it. It was very cruel for me, and it broke my heart, but... at the same time I know nothing can last forever. I just... It's the cruelest thing, separating twins like this :( This tv show will kill me one day.
We both lost someone </3 /hugs you more/