Live like you mean it and love til you feel it (rei17) wrote,
Live like you mean it and love til you feel it

Fandom problems

Oh man, sometimes I'm SO FUCKING DONE WITH THIS FANDOM, I SWEAR. x_____x

If I see ONE MORE POST using Sciles or Allison or Lydia to preach Malia-hate I'm going to cut someone.
Tags: teen wolf
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Das ist das beste gif aller Zeiten, echt. <333 Es tut mir so Leid, dass das Fandom momentan so bescheuert ist, weil URGGHHSHHSSS, warum sind Menschen (so... im Generellen einfach xD). Vielleicht... würde es helfen, wenn du die tags vermeidest? Das ist zumindest immer meine Taktik. xD
These are the moments I'm so glad I'm not in fandom! I love Malia. I love them all!
D:< Down with the haters. SHOOT THEM, ALLY, SHOOT THEM. That is an awesome gif. Have you made it? |D
I must say, I hate how the writers messed up Malia's backstory (like, where's Mr. Tate???). But Malia herself? SHE ROCKS SO HARD. How can people hate on her. How. Does not compute.
(Thankfully, I have so far never encountered crap like that because I live in a bubble of mutual respect and love and only follow awesome people on tumblr and never look into the tags lol).