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Sorry about the blood in your mouth. I wish it was mine.

Hello darlings, how are you doing?
It's sunday evening, but I don't have to work tomorrow, because I need to drive my mom to an OP. Nothing big, but meh. Stuff like this always makes me nervous. I'm kind of anxious about a lot of things at the moment, even though things are actually fine. It might just be pms, who knows.
My gf finally found an apartment and she's moving here! *squee* So no more driving! XD Well, no more three hours driving. So that's good.
Looking at my New Year's resolution I'm doing pretty good at the excercise and reading front. Writing also works just fine. I'm sucking at going to bed at reasonably times though, still have to work on that.

Oh man I fell down a hole and I can't get up. Ever since I found out Jon and Sansa spend their whole time together in s6 of Game of Thrones (and I've watched all their scenes like a zillion times and read like a million fanfics) I can't stop thinking about them. They are, like, made up of all my favorite tropes rolled into one ship and it's terrible. I mean it's awesome. But terrible! *Stiles voice*
Protectiveness? Check. Battle Couple? Check. We used to loathe each other but now I'm really glad you exist? Check. Awesome team work because they complement each other perfecly? Check. Desperate hugs and gentle forehead kisses? Check. Kickass revenge? Check. They make each other smile? Check. Staring into each other's eyes forever and ever? Check. It was a gift? Check. (Do I care that they're half siblings or at least cousins? No I don't. Just in case you wondered. Couldn't care less. XD There you go.)

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• A Song of Ice and Fire: A Game of Thrones (yeah surprise ...)

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• Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
• Game of Thrones (stopped watching after the fourth season, started again now)
• Shadowhunters (but I really hate it, because they butchered Simon and Clary (and Katharine McNamara is the worst actress ever) - I really care about Izzy, Jace and Alec though. Also I love Magnus and Raphael. Damnit.)

Currently Writing:
• Fic for a gift exchange which proves to be harder than expected

Random Music Video Rec:
Throwback to the past! :D
Oh man, I loved Firefly (I mean, didn't we all?) and most of all, I loved River Tam. She's such an amazing, complexe and intense character and this beautiful portray really does her justice. Also the ending still kills me - every damn time.
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Oh, River Tam! That vid is so good! <3 (I ship her and Simon so bad, btw)

I dropped GoT last season, but hey, hook me up with the Sansa/Jon bits, because why not?


January 30 2017, 11:43:39 UTC 8 months ago Edited:  January 30 2017, 11:50:44 UTC

I dropped it in season 4 and from what I've heard season 5 was pretty lame?
But omg, watch this:

I always loved Sansa and I loved Jon and they both deserve so much happiness, so when they finally found each other .. !!! Something Good! Happening to the Starks! Unbelievable!
Damn, that vid made me want to catch up with last season. So beautiful!

I love the Starks so much! I'll be forever bitter because of the shit they all had to go through (especially Sansa and Arya), so yes, good things happening to them is all I want! Also, it makes me so happy that Brienne is with them!
Me too! ;_; They deserve better!
But I will definitly catch up with GoT, because S6 looks pretty awesome and Jon & Sansa - ugh, my feelings.....