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Srs Business!

Some stuff:

My journal is kind of semi friends only.
The most fandom-related squeeing is public but everything remotely personal is f-locked. My journal is like 90% english, 10% german.
Friending policy: Feel free to friend me anytime, but most likely I'll only friend back if I know you at least a little bit. If you think we should totally get to know each other because we seem to be twins separated at birth (or something) please drop me a comment and let me know. ;)

Important things to know about me: I don't discriminate between hetero, slash and femslash. I don't get the difference and I hope I'll never will. ;) I also love gen. Gen is the bestest best thing ever. Friendship-fics and siblings-fics make me incredibly happy.
And I don't bash. Never.
So my lj is a bashing-free-zone and I hope it's going stay that way.

Things I like: fanfics, books, tv shows, hurt/comfort (guilty pleasure), pretty girls, brains (god, neuroanatomy makes me so happy), boobs, psychology, history, religion, people, animals, talking, sunshine, chocolate
Things I hate: wank, character bashing, intolerance, misogyny, racism

Favorite Fandoms:  Tumbling, Teen Wolf, DC and Marvel mainly (also Doramas recently)
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